pest11Who is an exterminator?

This is a trained pest control professional who deals with all pest elimination facets and also who uses different pest control methods so as to control future pest infestations. Usually, exterminators are either independent or do work with a certain company. Many household owners mostly go for those that are employed by companies; check here http://www.jimspestcontrol.com.au/about/tasmania.html.

Their trade tools

Exterminators have been trained on how to handle different pest control tools. Since different tools and methods can only be applied to different pests, it is always prudent for the exterminator to carefully choose a tool that will specifically and effectively eliminate a certain pest.

Below are some of the mostly used pest methods of pest elimination

  • The poison spray-this kind of spray is used mostly in insect elimination. It is usually ideal for those insects that are confined to a certain place
  • Traps-there are kill and non-kill traps. They are usually effective in an instance where there is a small pest infestation. Examples include the mouse traps, the spring-loaded, the catch-and-release, the electronic traps and the multi-catch traps. Usually, the electronic, the spring-loaded as well as the multi-catch traps are specifically used to catch rodents and snakes. Sticky traps are used to catch a wide range of insects. Visual traps use light in order to attract pests so as to trap them.
  • Fumigation-this method involves sealing off a certain structure and then you fill it with a lot of pesticides or other killer gases. In case one can seal the entire house, the better. This is because it will be easy to quick to destroy a large number of pests. This method is used to eliminate all types of insects.
  • The baited traps-here, poisonous bait is placed in a ‘bait station’ which allows a pest to enter. Once the pest consumes the bait, it will definitely leave the area. However, it will end up being killed by the poison.

In conclusion, different exterminators will use different methods to exterminate pests. However, how friendly the method is to the ecosystem should be the major consideration in the choice of the best pest elimination method.